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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery (小兒外科)

A healthy child is like a diamond of the treasures that god gives every parent. On the contrary, a sick child with congenital anomaly is a heavy burden, not only to a family but also to the society; to lessen this burden, the pediatric surgery division of the NCKUH attempted with our surgical techniques.
For the past 22 years, our division has already provided surgical operations and medical cares for over ten thousand sick children and the results we gain are self-evidenced. Our team include two full-time surgeons and one part-time doctor and are all experienced with a variety of pediatric surgical diseases. Pediatric anesthesiologists, nurses, operation room staffs, surgical residents and technicians all play some roles in the care of our patients. We provide, with emphasis of “warm, love, patience and empathy”, international standard of patient care. And today, we could be proud to say to those sick kids and their family,” You are all part of our pediatric surgery family and we, as your family, will see your kids as ours”.