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Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal Surgery(直腸外科)

The core value of the Division of colorectal surgery in National Cheng Kung University Hospital has always been to help people who suffer from diseases stemming from colon, rectum and anus. For  over 30 years, our division is dedicated in treating rectal cancer and is the forerunner of using “preoperative chemoradiotherapy” for sphincter muscle preservation in rectal cancer patients of Southern Taiwan, and also the one that ushered in MITAS (minimally invasive transanal surgery) concept at a very early stage of the currently widespread trend of minimally invasive surgery.
In terms of treating colon and rectal cancers, colorectal surgeons discuss operative cases every week. The colorectal team of NCKUH also holds two different biweekly multidisciplinary meetings, which enrolls surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, medical students and case managers, for detailed discussions and, after the meeting, provides recommendations for subsequent treatment directions. In general, according to our 2019 annual report of NCKUH, the overall survival rates of colon and rectal cancers treated in NCKUH are as follows: stageⅠ 87.1%, stageⅡ 70.01%, stageⅢ 66.9%, and stageⅣ 17.24%. Furthermore, the disease-specific survival rates of colon and rectal cancers treated in NCKUH are as follows: stageⅠ 97.53%, stageⅡ 92.78%, stageⅢ 85.36%, and stageⅣ 39.05%,. Our result shows an obviously favorable outcome, which is comparable to the published data in the world.
With the advancement of medical technology, our division also keeps updating our surgical concepts, skills and equipments to meet the needs and the highest standards of the surgical world, which can be shown by our routine practices of all kinds of colorectal procedures, including laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy), stapled hemorrhoidopexy and LIFT (ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract) procedures. In other words, “keeping up with time” is the integral working ethic of our core value of the division of colorectal surgery.