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General Surgery

General Surgery  (一般外科)
General surgery has a wide range of subspecialties and there are four main sections including upper digestive section (stomach and pancreas diseases), hepatobiliary section, breast section, and endocrine section (thyroid and parathyroid diseases) in our institute. We have 16 attending surgeons and performed more than 5,000 surgeries per year. Each section is leaded by experienced experts. We treated the patients from benign skin tumor to complex cancer diseases. We also offer the latest techniques and treatments including minimally invasive, endoscopic, and robotic surgery options. We are one of the most important teaching hospitals in Taiwan, which is famous for minimally invasive surgery for stomach, pancreas, and liver diseases and there are many surgeons visiting our institute to learn the surgeries. We also provide good training system for your surgical residents and aim to train the residents to become a confident surgeon with leadership.